Top tips on writing a winning entry!


Getting shortlisted for the industry leading awards can be great exposure for your business, but it can take a lot of effort to produce. To help you with your submission, we have put together our key tips for you to maximise your chances of writing the winning entry for your categories.

1: Read the criteria carefully, then read it again!

Consider the awards criteria when planning your projects. Set clear objectives and ensure that your achievements meet them. Ensure you give a clear evaluation of the positive impact of the project and evidence this within your entry.

2: Make an early start

Give yourself plenty of time to prepare your entry. Find out the entry deadline and make a start on gathering the information required for your chosen category at least a few weeks ahead. It’s always better to hit the deadline early and take the pressure off any last minute submissions!

3: Who won last year and why?

Take a look at last year’s winning entries and judges’ comments to see why they won an award and how you can do the same.

4: Invest your time wisely

Producing a successful entry can be extremely time-consuming therefore invest your time wisely and plan out your diary so you can set aside time to do your entry justice.

5: Tailor make your entry

Focus on what the judges are actually asking for in the judging criteria, then make sure your entry is succinct, clear and easy to understand. Never just copy and paste from a news story or case study, tailor your entry to match the requested criteria.

6: Can you prove it?

Demonstrate how you have achieved clear benefits to the business and your clients, then back up your claims with hard evidence, especially statistical and testimonial.

7: Check it, check it, check it!

Check your entry once, twice and for a third time before submitting. Poor spelling, grammar and typos just won’t do! And then get someone else to check it too.


Deadline: 16th August - 5pm

Good luck and shortlisted candidates will be announced within 2 weeks after the deadline. 

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